Osprey on patrol

Once we disturbed the osprey standing on the nest (see previous post), we had about an hour wait to see if they would return. Our patience was rewarded. They both returned to survey the area around their nest. I am assuming my standing location about 20 yards away on the side of the nearby road was too obvious. They quipped and stared at me for a couple passes, and then headed over to the far side of the marsh to wait for me to depart. Reluctantly, I did

Ospreys return

Our recent visit to the Connecticut coast was inspired by a report that ospreys had returned to this nest. The nest had disappeared over the winter and about a month ago, this platform was bare. When we visited it this past Thursday, it had two birds standing in it. By the time I crept up to about 30 yards away, one departed and I caught this one just before it departed also.

If things go as planned, we should have eggs and fledglings in due time.