One less fish in the Kennebec river

Augusta, Maine

During my walk along the Augusta Greenway on Friday last, I was surprised by a pair of eagles appearing overhead (see my previous post). Not long after that event, while sitting down on a stone block by the Kennebec Arsenal property, a lone osprey cruised north over the Kennebec river at about 40 feet. Suddenly, right in front of me, the bird dove straight down and Bam! It pulled out a fish and then, while I scrambled again to get my telephoto lens unlocked, auto focus engaged, camera turned ON!, it rose up off the water right toward me and then leveled off, heading to the right as if to show me the goods. What am I, an Inland Fish and Wildlife warden now? The overhanging trees are blocking some the view here, but thank the gods for all my Nikon and Tamron technology!