A ruby meadowhawk on the rocks?

We had an earlier post with this same specie, identified as a ruby meadowhawk dragonfly. Again, while waiting for a hummingbird, my iPhone caught this guy on a garden border rock. We have plenty of dragon flies not afraid of the cameras.

2 thoughts on “A ruby meadowhawk on the rocks?

  1. Great shot. I love this picture, particularly the way the variation in the granite shows through the wings! The red meadow hawks, genus Sympetrum, can be particularly confusing but this still looks like a ruby to me. The stigmata on the wings seem too dark to be the saffron-winged meadow hawk and the eyes seem too brown to be the cherry-faced. If he shows up again maybe try to get a look at bottom of his face. if there’s no white, that rules out the white-faced meadow hawk.

    1. The focal quality has surprised me on this one; iphone captures at close range have had depth of field issues for me. The solid (duh) background may have helped the autofocus? The wing outline over granite: post processing adjustments are miracles: the computer made me do it!

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